Following what would be a pitiful match where we saw Paige team up with Emma vs. the Bella Twins that ended in 30 seconds, social media has got on the #GiveDivasAChance bandwagon. Let’s be honest, the women’s division in WWE (or even TNA) is quite awful. When you look at the divas that are on the main roster, I can name maybe five who can wrestle decently. The majority of the divas are just there to be eye candy.

The problem with eye candy is that eventually people get tired of just looking at women in wrestling outfits. Sure, Summer Rae is very attractive, but her work in the ring is awful. I personally like Paige, Charlotte, Emma, and AJ Lee a lot more than the main eye candy that’s displayed on current TV because those women can have and have had good matches in the past. So I have a couple suggestions to give the divas a chance.

My first suggestion is to do away with calling them Divas. They are not divas, they are women. Let’s take away the little butterfly belt and reinstate the traditional women’s belt. Changing the belt back to the Women’s belt will add instant credibility to the women’s division. That along with having a traditional belt will look to fans like the women aren’t a joke. I remember when Jeff Hardy got his own belt in TNA and it was basically a butterfly, totally ruined the credibility of that championship (more so than just being a TNA championship).

My second suggestion is give the women more time in the ring. Even when there’s a decent match for women it’s maybe five minutes and that’s with a lot of pandering. WWE needs to have women be able to have a bit more time in the ring, say 5-10 minutes on RAW and/or Smackdown and give them a good 15-20 minutes on a PPV. If we can actually see the women work, there’s two things that will happen here. We are going to firstly have on display that the women can actually wrestle. Secondly we will see improvement from the likes of Summer Rae and the Bella twins because they would be given enough time to actually develop wrestling skills.

My last suggestion is to being up some of the NXT talent. Charlotte is ready for big time but she doesn’t fit the mold of the traditional WWE “diva”, she’s tall and not a super model, though she’s not bad to look at. Sasha Banks as the NXT champion coming and making a splash would be pretty awesome as well. Hell, why not just do the fatal 4 way match from NXT and air that on Raw? That match was 10x better than the majority of the Fastlane PPV.

By Reetin